Automation & Offshore Control Systems…

When operating in hostile environments you need equipment and systems that you can depend on.

Elecser ltda. specialize in producing robust and innovative solutions for machinery control and marine automation, for operation in the harshest of conditions.

From control systems to automation of deck machinery, we can provide solutions to all control and marine automation tasks.

In addition to supplying marine automation solutions, emergency repairs also form a large part of our business.

We have lots of experience in repairing and maintaining a wide range of  electronic control equipment.

One of our key specializations is repairing obsolete systems that can no longer be supported by the manufacturers, a situation that is all too common today.

Automation & Control

We are often asked to re-design and replace existing obsolete and unreliable systems with modern equipment or to automate previous manually controlled tasks.

Packages can be engineered based around most PLC types and SCADA platforms. Bespoke electronic designs can also be produced to replace existing obsolete equipment.

One of the keys to success in these projects is a full understanding of the process or equipment that is being controlled.