Maritime Services

Main Areas

Power Distribution Board (MSB)
Power Management System (PMS)
Group Starter Panels
Short Circuit Calculation Studies
Load Analysis Studies
Power Factor Compensation Analysis
Power Managements Systems
Circuit Breakers & Protective Devices
Main and Aux. engines Exh. Temperature
Turbo Charges Exh. Temperature
Engine Speed
Pressure Level
Bearing Temperature
Refrigerants Plants & Compressor
Automatic Combustion Control
Feed Water Level Control
Steam PID Control
Safety Shut Downs Functions
Automatic Burning Adjustment
Pressure Level & Temperature Control
On Line Alarm Monitoring
M/E Maneuvering Control System
M/E Pneumatic Control
Logic Box Overhauling
Control Pitch Propellers (CPP)
Electronic Governors
Shaft Generators and PTO
Ballast Valves Remote Control & Tank
Levels Gauging Consoles
Cargo Tanks Continuous Pressure Monitoring
Over Pressure / Under Pressure
Audible and Visual Alarms
Bar Graph & Data Display
Cargo Holds Water Ingress Detection Alarm & Monitoring Systems
Electro Mechanical Service of Electromotor Generator and a Wide Range of Electromechanical Systems whithin both the the Marine & Industrial Sectors
Services includes, renovation, rewinding of electromotors, generators and transformers
Deck Cranes
Mooring Winch
Oil Discharges Monitoring Systems, ODM
Oily Water Separators Monitoring, OWS
Cargo Pump Rooms Gas Detection Systems
Fixed Gas Detection Systems
Navigation Light Systems
Public Address Systems