PCB repair service…
It’s not always practical or cost effective to return boards to the original manufacturer for repair. This is especially true if the equipment is obsolete or the manufacturer has ceased trading.

We provide a comprehensive PCB repair service including…
Cost effective repair (to component level) of a wide range of marine & industrial electronic equipment.
Significant cost savings compared to new boards, no inspection fee charged.
Ability to work with limited or no information/documentation.
Fast turnaround and a priority service for urgent repairs with a 24 hour call out site service when required.
Full bench testing of repaired boards, wide range of test rigs available.
Permanently staffed electronics repair workshop.
The latest electronic test equipment.
Highly trained & widely experienced Electronics Service Engineers.
Comprehensive stocks of current and obsolete components.
Access to a wide range of component databases for current and obsolete devices.

Reverse engineering & obsolescence design-out…

Often replacements for obsolete components, particularly IC’s cannot be obtained and no direct “pin for pin” equivalents can be found. In these cases we can redesign and modify using readily available components.

This may involve simply modifying a PCB to accept an equivalent IC with a different pin configuration to complete redesign of the board to retain the same functionality.

Electronic design…
We’re often required to produce custom designs, typically for specialist or one off interfacing requirements. With in-house CAD and Software Test Tools we can deliver a wide range of analogue, digital and mixed signal designs to meet exact customer specifications.

Much of this work involves design of equipment, modules and systems to replace existing obsolete equipment that is becoming increasingly unreliable and difficult to maintain.

We also frequently produce custom designs in order to provide functionality that is not readily available from existing commercial equipment.